Specifications of the Yokogawa HXS10 Solar Tracking Controller

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Yokogawa HXS10 Solar Tracking Controller

Solar milf porn position algorithm (SPA)

Built-in NREL* SPA algorithm *National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Analog inputs

0, 2, 4, or 6, isolated-channel, universal inputs (DI (level or contact) TC, mV, V, and RTD)

Analog outputs

0 or 2, 0-20 or 4-20 mA

Digital inputs


Digital outputs


Pulse counter inputs

0 or 2 (encoders), encoder input available

Control periods

250 or 100 msec (when using 2 or less analog inputs)

Measurement period

Synchronized to control period

Programming functions

Arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, PID, gay videos alarm, filter, delay, time/numerical value comparison, branching, register operation, etc.


Ethernet x1, maintenance milf videos port x1, RS232 (option), RS485 (option)

Power supply

24 VDC

Power consumption

5 gay porn W or less

Operating temperature range

-20 to 70°C


226 lesbian videos mm (W) x 132 mm (H) x 67 mm (D)

Applicable standard

CE mark